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 Post subject: General terms and conditions for www.castle-battle.com
PostPosted: 4. Jun 2011, 23:59 
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General terms and conditions:

1. General:
Every player may have only one account per server at http://www.castle-battle.com (short CB). It is forbidden to have more than one account on a server and will lead to be banned and the account will be deleted, even if you have paid for a premium account or other services belonging to this accounts. There will be no warning!
The accounts will be banned / deleted right after it is detected by a multihunter.

2. Bugs / Errors:
Every player is advised to improve CB. You have to write a mail to admin@castle-battle.com or put it on the forum if you detect a bug or error. You risk to get your account to be banned or deleted, if you use bugs for your own advantage, even if you have paid for a premium account or other services belonging to your account.

3. Inactivity:
CB have the right to delete your account if you do not login for more than 13 days. This is to keep the game clean. Your account will not be deleted if you paid for a premium account.

4. More than one account per Internet Connection: (Company / Family)
The following rules apply if you share an internet connection with other players:
- you may not login to the other account
- you may not defend the other player
- you may not deliver goods to the other player
- short: you may not interact in any way with the other account! (exept: beeing in the same ally / write mails)
It does not matter at which time the interaction took place, even if it was a month ago.
Your account can be banned or deleted, even if you have paid for a premium account or other services belonging to your account.

5. Vacation Replacement:
You can give an other player VR if you are on vacation or have not access to the internet during a periot of time. Generally there is no limit of time. Accounts that are played shortly after registration in VR mode or accounts that seem to be a multiaccount can be deleted and may lead to a ban / deletion of the VR account.

6. External tools or scripts:
Generally you may play CB only with "normal" browsers. It is not allowed to use tools that interact with your browser or directly with any services of CB. Offline tools that do not interact with http://www.caslte-battle.com are allowed.

7. Treating other players:
Do not use offensive voice and treat other players well if you write ingamemails or posts on the forums.
Racism is strictly disallowed!
7a. Disrespect for the game community.
This includes disruption of the in game public chat. If a warning is given to you by any moderator and you disregard such warning the moderator has the right to ban you from chat. Continued disruption after the ban runs out can and most likely will result in a ban from the game. How long the ban is for depends on the severity of the abuse.

8. Terms and conditions:
http://www.castle-battle.com can ban / deactivate or delete accounts at any time if it is necessary to protect the community of CB.

8.1 Services:
CB and his owners does not take responsibilitys for delay, deletion, wrong transfer or loss of any datas in the interaction between users and CB or personally created areas.

There is no right of recovery even if the player has disadvantages because of bugs / errors or server downtimes.

8.2 Membership:
a) The membership of CB starts with the registration or usage of any services / sites belonging to CB.

b) The membership can be canceled at any time from CB. A reimbursement is not possible.

8.3 Account, password and security:
You have to keep your password secure and save and take the full responibility for all interactions / changes a third person will do. You have to send a mail to admin@castle-battle.com if you thing a third person has hacked your account. CB does not take any liabilitys for misfeasance.

8.4 Responsibilitys of the members:
The resposibility of any informations like datas, textes, software, music, noises, photos, grafics, videos, news or other material ("contents") , that will be published by a member belongs only on the member. CB does not take any responsibility for any content that will be published by a member. That means that you take the responibility for all content that you publish by email / upload / writing / linking or releasing informations in any other way.
CB does generally not control or check any contents, therefore you agree to read, hear or see any contents that is not appropriate.
You are aware that contents are maybe abusive, wrong and missleading.

CB does also not take resposibility for contents that lead to any damage to you or others.

CB has the right to delete any contents to protect the rights of the community, third persons or third partys.

8.5 Commercial usage of CB:
It is dissallowed to use, copie, duplicate, sell or resell services or parts of CB for commercial usage without an agreement of CB.

8.6 Changing Services:
CB has the right to change or shutdown services or parts of the services at any time without giving notice to any members.
CB will not give any restitution for services that have been shutdown or changed.

8.7 Links:
Members of CB can create links to other Websites. CB is not able to check links or the contents that they lead to.
CB will not take any resposibility for links and the contents that they lead to.

8.8 Duty of secrecy:
CB has the right to save datas of its members / players. Especially the IP-adress will saved at any access. Passwords are saved encrypted and can not be read in clear text or recovered by CB.

8.9 Changing of this General terms and conditions:
CB has the right to change this terms and conditions at any time without giving a notice to each member or player. The actual General terms and conditions are updated and accessible here.

8.10 Provisions:
All OTHER provisions shall remain valid to the extent permissible under german law, even if one or more are invalid.

8.11 Court of jurisdiction:
Court of jurisdiction is Stuttgart, Germany.


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